I was born on June the 5th, 1956 in Clichy, France.

During my years of training in Visual Arts in the Ateliers des Beaux-Arts in Paris and at the ESEAA, Duperré School of Applied Arts, I was able to discover, experiment and above all practice the different artistic techniques in painting, sculpture and engraving .
Since 2012, I have mainly devoted myself to etching and woodcut. The combination of intellectual and manual dimensions of engraving techniques suits me perfectly. I like the time it takes to design, followed by the time of engraving in itself during which I can meditate, and finally the time it takes to print which goes through the tests of ink, paper, pressure, to obtain the print wanted.
I am attracted as much by the contrast of a drawing or a print in black and white as by the richness of a work in colour. My prints reflect these interests; my etchings are mostly monochrome and my works in woodcut or linocut rather in colour.
My favourite themes start from nature, architecture and from the human form whose materials, shadows, and reflections I capture. Under my pencil distorted worlds appear which I then recreate on the plates.
For the relief printing technique, I use wood rather than linoleum, the feel of which inspires me more to engrave, and the rendering of which seems to me to have more texture. Each print is obtained thanks to the superposition of two to four flat patches in colour with which I try to obtain effects. I do a lot of research on colour by swapping plates, using engraved plates that I rework, which gives me endless creative variations. I try by this means to translate the multiplicity of perceptions according to the approach of the viewer.

Recently, I settled in Montcaret in the Dordogne and I set up my workshop there. Together with other artists from the village, we have created a collective of artists and organised Open Days for the past two years on the last weekend in July. This year, with the constraints of the Covid, we decided to postpone this event until the fall.


2017               Atelier aux Lilas pour la typographie et l'estampe - Typography
2011-2012     ESAA Duperré Paris - Etching book

2005-2009     Ateliers Beaux-Arts Paris - Etching

2002-2009​     ESAA Duperré Paris and Ateliers Beaux-Arts Paris - Sculpture

2002-2009     ESAA Duperré Paris - Drawing, Painting

1975-1981     Ateliers Beaux-Arts Paris - Drawing, Painting