I work in Montcaret, Dordogne, Nouvelle Aquitaine - France.

I started my career as an artist frequenting the ateliers of the Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris during the 70s; then new participation with them in 2000 painting, using live models.

I’ve successively worked with pencil, pastels, and oil. During years I have been using acrylic and I enjoy the challenges of this medium. It gives me an unfolding sense of delight to just let the material evolve on the canvas, using its rough textures and, in accordance with the will of its shades and shapes, to add colours, scratching, scraping and harmonizing them.

I often feel inspired by natural abstract forms, the effects of time on materials, reflections, shadows and contrasting shades and forms. These images ring within me an echo of the incessant flow of my thoughts and day-dreams and allow me to express above all the feelings that they provoke.

The vast spaces and warm colours of Morocco where I lived during the 1980s left, in me, a plethora of emotions that I also feel a deep urge to express on paintings – although these feelings are not far from and, indeed, tend to be fused with those provoked by the varied ambiences of the city that equally move and inspire me.

Since 2002, I have also turned my energies to sculpting, drawing a great pleasure from re-creating the forms of the human body in clay. I have been fortunate enough to work with charismatic sculptors who enjoy propagating their skills. I started under the eye of Didier Brault’s and work mainly now with Philippe Seené and Francine Auvrouin.

As I enjoy the challenges of new media, in 2006, I started engraving on cover, technique with infinite possibilities wich, here as well, allows me to slide into another space-time.

The time spent working on my canvasses, my engraving or my sculptures are moments where I feel deeply privileged and I hope that you also find a resonance of this pleasure when I share them with you.

Artistic studies :

2017                  Atelier aux Lilas - Typografy
2011/2012        ESAA Duperré Paris - Etching book

2005 to 2009     Ateliers Beaux-Arts Paris - Etching

2002 to 2009​     ESAA Duperré Paris and Ateliers Beaux-Arts Paris - Sculpture

2002 to 2009     ESAA Duperré Paris - Drawing, Painting

1975 to 1981     Ateliers Beaux-Arts Paris - Drawing, Painting